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Street Kids Direct was founded in 2001 by Duncan Dyason, Matt Levett and Joanna Soden and became a UK Registered Charity in 2004.

The work of Duncan Dyason with the street children of Guatemala started 1992 when he moved out to live in Guatemala City with his wife Jenni and baby daughter Katelyn after watching a BBC Everyman documentary called "They Shoot Children Don´t They?". Duncan´s work in those early days was extremely dangerous and lead to threats on his life.  Despite the overwhelming numbers of children living in the streets, Duncan was determined to advocate for them and help look for solutions to take them from the streets and into safe homes.

Today the charity works in partnership with local projects in Guatemala and Honduras that help children either living on the streets or at high-risk of living on the streets.  The charity´s groundbreaking mentoring programme helps to prevent more children taking to streets, increasing their resilience and keeping them in school and in activities rather than on the streets.

Thanks to your support we can help more vulnerable children and impact their lives forever.

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Radio Christmas 2019

Radio Christmas is raising money this year for the projects that Street Kids Direct supports in Guatemala and Honduras. We work with street-living youths and high-risk children who are vulnerable to living on the streets. Your donation will go directly to the projects we partner with and impact ...

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